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Founder: Anil Bakshi (1988–) | Original: Aug 17, 2020

The Trend Sight company helps brands, labels, and designers to plan and work towards their new collections in line with the demands and necessities of sales in the market.

What is The Trend Sight?

We forecast wearable future.

The Trend Sight is a coveted platform which provides the most accurate future trends along with reliable predictions about fashion by employing analytical tools for forecasting fashion trends colours. Our company helps brands, labels, and designers to plan and work towards their new collections in line with the demands and necessities of sales in the market. So, basically, we tell you what trends/colours/designs are most likely to prevail in the future market scenario so that you can make an informed and analysed decision.

About the workforce and core team members

We are a team of 17 goal-driven people and the number is increasing by the day.
Our core team constitutes of geniuses who’ve studied/studying from the most prestigious renowned educational institutions like NIFT, ICF, FIT New York, Manipal University, Jaipur and University of Delhi. Their zest is what makes them so great.

Who Is Behind The Trend Sight?

As Anil Bakshi, I am a runner and a dedicated serial entrepreneur who is indulged in search of solace at the prestigious grounds of IIT and IIFT (MBA). It came to an end with Trend Forecasting. I am an ebullient soul. My mind is always brimming with brisk effervescent ideas and so I proudly founded three more startups– Deviceint, Yogashoppe, i2run apart from my newest venture: The Trend Sight. The Trend Sight lies close to my heart as I endeavour to spread awareness about Indian cultures and crafts among the masses.

Founder’s Early Life & Education

If today, someone asks me ‘how were you as a student?’ I’d definitely tell them that I was one of the studious ones. I enjoyed studying and learning new things every single day. I belonged to a middle-class family from Uttar Pradesh where both my parents served as government employees. I came to Delhi after I passed 10th grade to start preparing for IIT and I had to change a few schools also. Life seemed exciting when I got into IIT, Delhi and my beautiful journey began. Later, I planned on pursuing MBA and I got into IIFT, the place where the idea of The Trend Sight was birthed.


I (Anil Bakshi) am proud and extremely happy to say that I have experienced them all. I have seen success and I have failed. I have achieved a thousand milestones and I have learned a million things. The thing about a great entrepreneur is that they don’t regret the failures. Instead, they modify their approach and put the learnt lessons to good use. I used the same approach.

If we talk about Achievements or Successes, before The Trend Sight, I had 3 startups running in their own paces. Namely,

  1. Deviceint

  2. YogaShoppe

  3. i2run

Deviceint and YogaShoppe are related to B2B Customised Clothing and Yoga community where Yoga related products were sold on e-commerce websites with a 1200% growth. It was doing great until demonetisation. Most of our work was manufacturing-related and the fabric was dealt in cash. Post demonetisation, cash flow was affected badly and gradually, after trying for 3-4 months, we shut it down.

i2run (IndianSpikers) was a marathon planned in the city of Gorakhpur where around 80,000 runners registered to be a part of this huge marathon. Sponsorships worth 12 crores were raised. The winners were supposed to be decided through a mathematical analysis of who did the most activity. We were all set to break the world record.

Huge politicians like Mr. Narendra Modi & Mr. Yogi Adityanath Ji were invited along with the presence of well-established celebrities like Milind Soman, Milkha Singh ji, Sunny Leone and many more. The date was booked but unfortunately, a visit of Mr. Modi was planned and the police force was allotted to him.

We had to postpone our event to 11th November but the occasion of Murti Visarjan took place a day before and we were again asked to shift the date. Because of all these unforeseen events, our marathon couldn’t take place. It was a long; a beautiful journey which ended by teaching me a lot of valuable lessons.

Anything Else You Want To Add?

Here are a few pieces of advice for the budding entrepreneurs out there. These are based on what I’ve picked up along my journey so far.

  • Prepare for the every-day inconveniences:

Technical mishaps, like a web server going down, are not unique to startups. They affect businesses small and large. It is easy for entrepreneurs to react hastily when this sort of thing happens but the important thing is to keep your wits about you when these mini-crisis scenarios hit.

As a startup, you are often thrown into the deep end unexpectedly. You have to weigh up your options and make a sensible, thought-out decision. Don’t just react – you won’t make nearly as much progress doing it that way.

  • Don’t forget to live life:

Being an entrepreneur is only one facet of who you are. As a founder, you need to be multi-faceted – focus on achieving ‘success’ in other areas too. Work should not be all-consuming 24/7 – and it certainly should not come at the expense of your health, your family life or your social life.

  • Make sure you prioritise:

As an entrepreneur, you have a tonne of priorities to manage.
Take out time for yourself. Go out for vacations, get some alone time, enjoy with family and prioritise everything. This also helps in decision making.

You can review The Trend Sight company on The Trend Sight website • Instagram: @thetrendsight • Facebook: The Trend Sight • Watch TTS Videos on YouTube.


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