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So, I’m seeing a lot of confusion among members about a recent news which is taking the Internet by the storms: The dropping of Google’s domain which had millions of backlinks being the official domain of Blogspot at one point – many are even connecting it with the earlier instance of a random guy being able to register

This is a classic example of facts being mixed up and adding to the confusion! I will try to clear the air here. Here’s what happened:

What happened to blogspot?

Google India recently lost the domains and Reason is: The domain was under their possession but they forgot to renew it (or probably their credit card on account expired and it wasn’t auto renewed). So it got expired and after going through all phases of expiry, it finally dropped, became available to register, where it was registered by drop catchers.

One domain from which ( was acquired by a user using

Now, how is this different than the earlier news of a glitched registration of by Sanmay Ved? Well, that domain wasn’t ACTUALLY registered. It was just a glitch in the system which SHOWED the domain as available and someone processed the registration but they NEVER owned the domain. Not a big mistake, and it didn’t cost Google anything.

Whereas in this case: Google has ACTUALLY lost those domains and the new owner(s) are enjoying the traffic and backlinks on it. How or what steps will Google take now is another point of discussion, but Google doesn’t own the domains anymore and just someone who were a bit more aware of domain drop catching than others and kept an eye on the .IN dropping pool, got the opportunity to snoop these names, right under the nose of everyone else.



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